The Carr Fire in 2018 and Covid-19 have made special events and fund raising difficult. Previous years saw concerts on the beach and luaus. Now everything is virtual. Friends of Whiskeytown is in the process of updating our website and social media presence to provide more interesting and up-to-date information about the lake.

Coming soon will be an online store with Friends of Whiskeytown merchandise; profits of which will help fund our efforts in the park.

FOW-sponsored events over the years at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area include the Old Time Holiday and wreath making workshop at the Camden House (pictured below), hiring of a Student Conservation Association trail crew to build and maintain trails, Whiskeytown’s Artist-in-Residence Program, Annual Volunteer-in-Parks Program recognition event, Pick Up Lake Litter Day, Whiskeytown’s Annual Harvest Festival, and much more!


Please continue to check back for updates to all of our events.
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